First Step: Your Tiny House Foundation

Traditional homes are often built on a slab, with wood or with a basement to keep them firmly in place and stable. Tiny houses, however, have a very different type of foundation and function. While you might daydream about interior spaces and exterior details, the actual design and construction of your dream tiny house starts with a not-as-sexy trailer. Milkweed Tiny Haus works with a preferred trailer manufacturer, and we assist our clients to fine the right "foundation" for their tiny dream home.

How do I find the right trailer?
Before you run out and fall in love with a trailer (is that possible?), talk to your home builder. The size and functionality of your home dictates the size and kind of trailer you will need.

Why can't any old trailer work?
We've heard horror stories of tiny home owners who learned the hard way that the trailer must fit the home. If you choose poorly, the things you love most about your home — like its construction integrity — can be seriously compromised.

Hmm. So what should I consider in purchasing a trailer?
The key is to follow the standards of weights and construction. To determine where these measurements will end up, you should have a thorough conversation — or many — with your designer and/or builder. Consider how big your family is and your lifestyle. Will you be entertaining a lot? Is it important for multiple beds to be sequestered from the rest of the home? All of these will help you in your purchase.

Does weight really fluctuate that much?
Oh, yeah! Think about how just the interior details can vary: granite vs. wood countertops, tile vs. laminate flooring, or a tile backsplash vs. paint. If you are interested in less trailer, think about less weight.

Cool! So, how about towing my dream home cross country?
When you are ready to roll, you will need the right vehicle. Just because you have a hitch and four-wheel drive doesn’t mean you are ready to hit the open road. Your builder can help you determine if your current vehicle will serve the purpose or if you need to consider a different one.

Let Milkweed Tiny Haus help you choose the right foundation for your tiny lifestyle. Contact us.